EP368 / EP426 – Drilling Prospect


JV ParticipantPercentage Interest
Energy Resources Ltd80%
NorWest Energy NL20%

During Q2 CY2018, an extension on the work program for EP 368 was secured, and the JV is fully committed to progressing plans to drill a prospect in the first half of 2020. EP368 covers an area of 600.3km², and is situated at the northern end of the hydrocarbon fairway running through the northern Perth Basin. The permit lies to the east of the Dongara township, and adjacent to Mitsui’s Waitsia Gas Field. The extent of the Waitsia play into the EP368 remains to be confirmed but the results of the recent Mistui Irwin-1 well suggests that the Kingia reservoir fairway increases in thickness to the east and this potentially into EP368.


EP 426

JV ParticipantPercentage Interest
Energy Resources Ltd77.78%
Norwest Energy NL22.22%

EP426 lies adjacent and to the east of EP368, covering an area of 1197km², located on the north-eastern flank of the Dandaragan Trough in the onshore northern Perth Bain.

During Q2  CY2018, a suspension, extension and program variation on EP426 was secured. Variations were made to align future 2D seismic acquisitions for both EP426 and EP368. The drilling of Lockyer-Deep/North Erregulla Deep have important implications for the forward work program for EP426. A full post-well assessment of the EP368 Lockyer-Deep well will be completed prior to finalising the design of the seismic survey. 

 Location of EP426 highlighting proximity to the AWE discoveries


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